• Benefit Consulting

    Building Trust

    Never before in the history of health care and benefits have we experienced more opportunities and available resources to help manage cost with innovative solutions.

    Benefit Consulting
  • Administrative Services

    The Power of Full Transparency

    Through its wholly owned subsidiary HRAdministrators, Warner Benefits provides support for a variety of benefit administration services.

    Administrative Services
  • Compliance Services

    Warner Benefits specializes in providing the expert direction and advice needed to prepare, train, and equip your business to meet these compliance obligations.

    Compliance Services
  • Health Care Reform Needs To Be Based On Common Sense Changes To System

    The need for health care reform is widely acknowledged, but current proposals are too costly and ignore common sense changes that can yield real benefits.

    Health Care Reform Needs To Be Based On Common Sense Changes To System
  • Health Care Reform Law Timeline

    Final Regulations have yet to be released by the Department of Health and Human Services to clarify transition details. Summary information provided is subject to change and clarification.

    Health Care Reform Law Timeline
  • September 2014 Wellness Newsletter

    This month, learn about Global Suicide Prevention, Emergency Preparedness, and Get a Sweet Potato Noodles Recipe

    September 2014 Wellness Newsletter

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Brokerage, Consulting and Administrative Services

JP Warner Associates, Inc. is a leading Employee Benefit Consulting and Administration firm.

Building Excellence Through Education

Our strength lies in the boutique style and caring delivery of our services. We are experts in guiding employers to maximize cash flow efficiency by finding the right balance between the multi-million dollar expense of healthcare and best care solutions. We achieve this through education about accepting reasonable risk for health coverage and the corresponding cost savings which can be achieved.

Warner Benefits shares their belief that an educated medical consumer with financial ownership will make better decisions for themselves and their family. With the back drop of health care reform, we are passionate about helping our clients stay compliant, manage costs, while providing creative solutions all in an effort to deliver financially sound solutions to the overall well-being of employees and their families.