The Rise of Account Based Health Plans (ABHP)

Momentum turning into a tidal wave is upon us with employers increasingly offering Account Based Health Plan options. This relatively new term in the wild world of benefits is a pragmatic “catch all” for: 1. Health Savings Accounts – HSAs 2. Health Reimbursement Arrangements – HRAs 3. Flexible Spending Accounts – FSAs Tax Advantages. Paying […]

Benefit Consulting


Building Trust

Never before in the history of health care and benefits have we experienced more opportunities and available resources to help manage cost with innovative solutions.

Administrative Services


The Power of Full Transparency

Through its wholly owned subsidiary HRAdministrators, Warner Benefits provides support for a variety of benefit administration services.

Compliance Services


Warner Benefits specializes in providing the expert direction and advice needed to prepare, train, and equip your business to meet these compliance obligations.

Hospital Network – 8,000 Employees


Our business relationship began in 1997 as this client desired an objective review of claims administration alternatives for their Self-Insured health plan. In addition to subsequent reviews and negotiations, additional services and projects include administration of their flexible spending accounts plan, Stop Loss Insurance brokerage, Online Communications and employee self service Open Enrollment solution.

Retail Service Company – 700 Employees


This self-insured employer maintains 40 locations in 10 states and offers a high deductible health plan with HSA’s, along with a PPO plan. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are available along with incentives for seeking out preventive care services. A spousal coverage coordination policy, along with proactive involvement in the plan by the CEO results in benefit plan expenses below national averages.

Automobile Dealership Group – 200 Employees


Our business relationship began in 2003 with the introduction of an Upfront Deductible health plan including a Health Reimbursement Arrangement. Brokerage of group and voluntary Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Dental & Vision plans complement our administration of this mega-dealer’s HRA & FSA. Payroll Contributions have been lowered two years in a row and health plan costs are 25% below the Kaiser / HRET Study national average.

National Missionary Organization – 500 Employees & Retirees

religiousThis group of active missionaries live and promote Christianity in more than 30 states. Warner Benefits helped prepare a benefit plan offer that included qualified options of HSA’s, HRA’s and FSA’s to round out their health insurance HDHP offering. Because of the logistics of the missionaries and the complexity surrounding the qualified plan offerings, excellent communications and detailed coordination of information was critical. This was achieved with a distribution of information, a series of webinars, and responding to questions via email and over the phone.

Manufacturer – 200 Employees

manufacturerWarner Benefits began this business relationship in 1990 when this client implemented a SELF-INSURED health plan. Twelve years later, the desire to access Blue Cross and Blue Shield provider discounts resulted in the transition to a fully insured PPO plan. Then in 2008, the plan became SELF-INSURED again, and added a high deductible health plan option with a HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS (HSA). The account remains self-funded today and health plan costs are 35% below the Kaiser / HRET Study national average.

Educational Institution – 100 Employees


A Private School became disenchanted with their association benefit program as they could not control their own costs. They partnered with Warner Benefits and implemented a high deductible health plan. The plan design included the choice of either an HRA or HSA fund for employees. Implementation of the new health insurance program was successful, controlled benefit costs were achieved, and the employees are enjoying all of the advantages of a qualified funding arrangement to help off-set their out of pocket cost associated with the deductible. A true win-win for everyone!

Physician Practice – 25 Employees


Our business relationship began in 2009 with the introduction of a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan including Health Savings Accounts for the physician owners and a Health Reimbursement Arrangement for staff. First year savings of 20% were complimented by a 6% renewal increase in 2010. Administration of Flexible Spending Accounts along with brokerage of group and voluntary Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Dental & Vision plans compliment our oversight of their benefit plans. Health plan costs are 15% below the Kaiser / HRET Study national average.

Religious Organization – 25 Employees


This is an interesting example of how we successfully help small business. In 2008 the annual health insurance premium for this church was $275,000; in 2014 their annual health insurance cost is $230,000! Over the last six years Warner Benefits has successfully helped this non-profit not only hold their costs, but they have managed an overall 15% reduction in overall costs! Now that’s a true success story.

What is an HRA Debit Card?


Learn how a debit card protects your cash flow when used with an FSA or HRA fund. Topics include discussion of debit card technology, uses and types of purchases, and web support for tracking and managing purchases.

What is an FSA?


High level background of FSA’s and the advantage gained when made available to employees.

What is an HRA?


A powerful tool to assist in managing health plan costs, this explanation of HRA’s includes some information about the mechanics of how it works and defines the health expenses covered by the plan.

Offering Health Insurance as a Small Employer

Small businesses and the people who own them are the backbone of their communities. In a larger, interwoven sense, when combined with similar-sized businesses across the United States they are the backbone of this country. While the intrinsic benefits of owning a small business are numerous, providing health insurance to employees is not necessarily one […]

General Contractor – 20 Employees


Our business relationship began in 2008 with the introduction of a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan including Health Savings Accounts for the owners and a Health Reimbursement Arrangement for staff. First year savings of 30% were followed by a change in health insurer in 2009 to achieve an additional premium savings of 25%. Employees receive 100% reimbursement of the first half of their deductible along with multiple years of Payroll Contribution Reductions. Health plan costs are 5% below the Kaiser / HRET Study national average.

What is an HSA?

What is an HSA

What is an HSA? Listen and learn about this attractive, lifetime, pre-tax savings vehicle. Jon Warner provides a brief explanation about HSA’s including rules, advantages, history, and it’s uses.

Health Benefits Orientation Period for Adding New Employees Clarified

The IRS, Employee Benefits Security Administration, and Department of Health and Human Services have released a joint ruling aiming to clarify what’s been a big topic surrounding administering “waiting periods” for offering new employees coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The law states that any waiting period may not exceed 90 days from the first […]