Benefit Administrative Services

The Power of Full Transparency

Through its wholly owned subsidiary HRAdministrators, Warner Benefits provides support for a variety of benefit administration services. Whether it is administration for HRA’s, HSA’s, FSA’s, or COBRA administration, when you partner with Warner Benefits, we have the tools, experience, knowledge, and dedication you need to make delivery of these services easy.

Tools to support pre-tax savings in the form of qualified funding arrangements through HRA’s and HSA’s is more essential than ever before when partnered with high deductible medical plans. Engaging employees to participate in the management of their out of pocket costs is a critical part of consumer driven health care. When an HRA or FSA is integrated and embedded as part of the health insurance plan and claim adjudication process, the consumer education component suffers and value is lost when the unseen consequences of health purchasing decisions are not transparent to employees.

We believe that full engagement of employees occurs when HRAdministrators delivers the power of full transparency when health service costs are disclosed revealing the resulting cost of health purchasing decisions. Claim adjudication and substantiation are two separate functions requiring employees to be engaged in the process of medical spending. The resulting consumer education encourages each person to more closely manage their own bank of funds.

Our services include:

  • Plan management with portal access
  • Convenient Debit Cards
  • 800 Call Center Support
  • Auto email Confirmation with each transaction
  • Substantiation Compliance Management
  • Employer Funding Management
  • Reporting