Healthcare Compliance Services

With the recent influx of audits being imposed by the Department of Labor and the demands brought on by the Affordable Care Act, benefit plan sponsors are feeling the pressure to maintain compliance to satisfy the growing number of government regulations. Some of those employer mandates come in the form of reporting obligations, maintaining proper notifications, timely filing requirements, and being aware of a host of other plan design changes.

Warner Benefits specializes in providing the expert direction and advice needed to prepare, train, and equip your business to meet these compliance obligations. We are experts in helping your organization maintain compliance brought on by ERISA, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), HIPAA, qualified plan compliance (managing FSA, HRA’s, and HSA’s), COBRA compliance, Medicare, and 5500 filing. Our strength lies in our attention to detail in the complexities surrounding the management of healthcare compliance requirements, our ability to communicate technical information in a simplified manner, and providing the training and continual information that is needed to keep you in compliance.

If you sponsor or administer a group health plan, you need the support provided by Warner Benefits to help you prepare and satisfy these ongoing and changing requirements of HIPAA, ACA and the other laws that will affect your plans and your business.