Health & Welfare Consulting

Building Trust

Never before in the history of health care and benefits have we experienced more opportunities and available resources to help manage cost with innovative solutions. Warner Benefits effectively builds client trust through their smart, calculated approach creating strategies that deliver managed results that sustain the long term. They achieve this with experience in understanding risk and analyzing the financial components of the dollars being used toward healthcare. With the solid experience needed to manage a variety of funding methods, Warner Benefits considers all aspects of the health care dollar and uses every tactic available to tackle each client experience delivering a unique solution to meet every situation.

Using an academic learning methodology, Warner Benefits shares their belief that an educated medical consumer with financial ownership makes better decisions for themselves and their family. With the back drop of health care reform, and an understanding of the rules required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) we ensure that every plan design accomplishes multiple purposes including being ACA compliant, managing costs both short and long term, and is communicated effectively to employees to maximize the desired outcome.

Jon Warner has built a reputation as the “Obamacare expert”, but the strength at Warner Benefits stems from the collective knowledge and intelligence of the Warner Team, their innovation, and an understanding of risk and the savings that can be achieved when dollars are managed effectively using a variety of tools and strategies to achieve desired outcomes. Market intelligence and use of benchmarking are all part of the analysis. It is because of these strengths Warner Benefits has built an organization being recognized as one of the largest employee benefit firms in our region.